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My Vision

Anyone should be able to understand their tax situation and how to apply financial principles to their own business, without reading one thousand pages of tax code. The system is too hard and complicated. I make it easy to understand. 

About Us


Planning. Teaching. Preparing. Saving.

Tax Return Preparation

Work with a CPA throughout your complete tax return process. Using Intuit, the entire process is securely done online and is seamless from start to finish.

Business + Personal

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Tax Planning


Have a Strategic Planning Personal or Business Tax Return Session with one of our CPAs to create a tax plan for 2021 and years to come!

Hourly Rates for planning range from $150-300 per hour.

Accounting and Payroll Services


Get the support you need from one of our accounting professionals. We can build or maintain your Quickbooks to save you a lot of time and a lot of money. As a Gusto Preferred Payroll Partner, we can serve clients with employees in any state.


Quickbooks Basics Training Online Course

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Easy to Use Financial Model

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Tax Planner  

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Practice Management portal

Doing Taxes is EZ with AZ

Easy to Use Software

Taxes with AZ is easy because we use Intuit’s software tools to collect all sensitive information securely. Uploading documents is as easy as point click and send. It’s all done securely through Intuit’s servers with the ability to access your documents at any time.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Dread tax season? Feel like you pay too much to the government?


I can help you prepare and file both personal and business tax returns. I ensure compliance as well as helping you limit your tax exposure.

401k or RothIRA? Have employees and need a retirement plan?

I can help you figure out how much you need to put away today to be prepared for retirement and advise on plans to set up for your company.

Email me to talk taxes.

Years of Experience

AZ, CPA at your service. I have a Bachelor's in business and accounting from Oklahoma State University and a Master's Degree in accounting from the University of Tulsa. 

I've been committed to my clients' satisfaction since starting in the world of accounting over 7 years ago.

I keep up-to-date on all financial trends and changes within the industry. Read more about those trends here.

Why AZ
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AZ is a hard working, motivated, creative individual that has a true passion for what he does. His personality coupled with his

in-depth knowledge of how to operate your business more efficiently produces a top notch service that is a no-brainer for any small to mid-sized business owner to explore a fit with.

AZ would be a

valuable asset to

any organization.

Tommy Avers,

Director of Financial Services


AZ Moyer is a top notch professional in the financial space. If you are looking for a CPA who is passionate about their work, willing to listen to your needs, and will get the job done effectively every time, AZ is your guy!

Alex Schlinsky,



AZ Moyer and the team are top notch professionals in the financial space. If you are looking for a CPA who is passionate about their work, willing to listen to your needs, and will get the job done effectively every time, AZ is your guy!

Lauren Wottlin,

Small Business Owner

AZ is a taxman extraordinaire. He makes the whole process feel like a breeze. After having AZ work his magic, I would simply never trust anyone else to do the job. His kind and helpful disposition is genuine and unparalleled within his industry. I don't know how I ever went through tax season before AZ!

Jade Tantillo,

Small Business Owner

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